I started young. I was the kid who made every game about making a list. I was constantly dumping out my mom's pencil box, testing erasers, sharpening pencils, matching pens to tops, and putting back only the best.

After college, I moved from sunny, spacious California to New York City, where I was introduced to the conundrum of small spaces. I loved them! They were the best kind of puzzle. I emptied people's drawers and found unique solutions; I would puzzle over a friend's overstuffed pantry for days; and I searched apartments for hidden storage gold mines. 

I began helping roommates and friends fit into tiny closets, find solutions for railroad apartments, and cull their belongings. For the past few years, I've been working in home offices, kitchens, closets, and more, sharing the skills I've collected to help people create custom organized homes.

When I'm not elbow-deep in stuff, I spend my time playing volleyball, learning woodworking, hiking, and getting excited about anything miniature!


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